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Technology for smart cities

Improve the quality of life of residents by integrating our platform to your municipal fleet to generate valuable data.


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Integrate frictionless technology

Greener Smart Cities is a flexible platform, capable of equipping municipal or contracted fleets of all sizes to optimize their operations, contribute to the sustainability of the city, and improve the quality of life of citizens.

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Connect with your people

Smart cities take action on continually updating feedback. Maintaining real-time communications with your citizens is the key to optimize your logistics, by simply knowing the location of waste and recyclables in advance.

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Generate valuable data

Greener Smart Cities is the eyes and ears of your city. Our low-cost, high-value solution optimizes vehicle operations and entire fleets, saving costs and reducing the burden on administrative employees.



Everything you need in one platform

Joining our system saves you more than 80% of the work of launching waste and recyclable collection services.

Smart territorial ordering

Divide the territory of your city into zones in the most convenient way to ensure even collection days.

Coordinated schedules

Coordinate nearby pickups for the same time and prevent needing to pass twice per location.

Time limits

Set hourly limits and disable services when they're not available.

Materials and units

Attach customizable lists of materials and units for each service to ensure that materials are classifies correctly.

Subscription management

Manage the addresses subscribed to each service, generate inventories of waste by property and create environmental performance records.

Costs reduction

Reduce the distances traveled by up to 70% and minimize your landfill fees.

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