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Recycling solutionsmade simple

Take part in the circular economy by finding a sustainable end for your waste. We connect you with the best organizations to manage your waste and recyclables in the simplest and most convenient way.
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Getting started has never been easier

We analyze your waste to connect you with the best haulers in your area, and define the pickup frequency. If recycling is not your priority, don't worry! We solve everything for you so that you can take part without having to take care of everything.

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Pickup management

Request pickups and view real-time status updates. Transparency is the key to control your operations, and you can achieve it by tracking and saving all the data and automating your environmental impact reports.

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Incredible rewards

You recycle, we reward you. We believe in the environmental impact of each action, so we made it possible for you to access sustainable products and services in exchange for your efforts.

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Enterprise solutions

Our platform integrates communication, logistics and payments, saving you valuable time and resources.


Manage all your business operations from one simple and user-friendly interface.

Budget control

Track waste management budgets and identify savings opportunities.

Quantity accounting

Automate weight and volume calculations of each of the materials you generate.

Hauler matching

Connect with the best service providers and meet sustainability goals.

Regulatory monitoring

Manage your regulatory and compliance obligations and avoid unnecessary fines.

Roles and permissions

Assign specific role-based permissions to each member of your organization.

Data exports

Download histories, quantities and indicators in your preferred formats.

Sustainability reports

Generate custom reports of waste diversion and carbon footprint.

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Stepping in the world of sustainable solutions is no easy task. Don't worry, we're here to help you.